Ask @thesuperkian:


Kian Lawley
dear hudson mattix, ur my 1 month old nephew as i am typing this message. u pooped & threw up on me the first time i held u... but that’s alright, i’ll give u another shot. from ur big smile that contains no teeth (as of yet) to the birthmark on ur leg, i will protect every inch of u for the rest of my life. u have the best mom in the world & i know that for a fact. she has been to hell and back, so i know there is nothing she can’t handle. but other than that, i promise to be the coolest uncle ever. anytime u need something or just wanna get away from ur mom, let me know & i’ll get u outta there haha. at my house, we can watch tv way past our bed times, drink soda till our teeth hurt & eat as much pizza as the place will deliver. i love you buddy & i can’t wait to get to know u.

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