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How interested are you in retro anime? Say titles from 80s and 90s. I get the sense that a lot of the people I follow on anitwitter and aniblog may, Ah, not be old enough to have seen much of that stuff.

arcadiagt5’s Profile PhotoJohn Samuel
I love a lot of 90's stuff. When I got into anime early in the 2000's, most of what was popular and/or available was from that decade, and many remain along my favorites. 80's a little less so, though o do like a few series from that time, like Maison Ikkoku.
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Would you like to be a film extra?

I would, but it would only be worth the waiting Nd inconvenience, for me, if it was for a property I'd be excited about.

Final thoughts on One Week Friends (and any other Spring 2014 shows you finished)?

I enjoyed the ending for the series! The show as a whole was very good, though it kind of never rose above that whole "this COULD be amazing" level. I think I was hoping for Usagi Drop quality, and that it wasn't.

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So, what are your final thoughts on Nisekoi?

I guess that, ultimately, I was disappointed because the show teased me so much. The things I liked about it I REALLY liked - the OPs, the direction, the laughs, some of the characters. But the show was otherwise fun, but not too memorable. So that still means it's a 7 or 8 by my grading scale.
The last episode was alright, though. I thought it was a clever and warm, if campy, way to end the series.
Thanks for the question, Frank!

Since you're from Texas, do you own a gun?

It's actually illegal to NOT own a gun in Texas. This is true in 175 of our 254 counties.
No, haha, I actually don't. I'm no gun fan.
Thanks for the question!

What sport is the most boring?

I have a lot of trouble paying attention to sports with continuous movement and little scoring, so I almost never watch more than a couple minutes of soccer or ice hockey, unless there's national pride on the line (World Cup, Olympics).

Origin of your username?

Numberss_’s Profile PhotoNumbers and space
So, a lot of people now know me as "thetangles," which is just a shortened form of "Beneath the Tangles," the name of my blog. That name came from a line in one of my favorite Lifehouse songs. The other username I'm known by, and the one I've used for 10+ years, is TWWK, which is short for "The World We Know," a revision of another favorite song, "The World I Know" by Collective Soul.

What's your favorite movie scene?

Oh ho...that's not an easy one as my youth could probably be defined by my obsession with movies. I would maybe say that it's one of three: the New Year's scene in When Harry Met Sally, the "You Can't Handle the Truth" interrogation in A Few Good Men, or the fight between Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan and Darth Maul in Episode I.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?

I would say a five, but that's just what I would say. I think my loved ones would grade me more a two. :P

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