Ask @thetraceface:

my birthdays coming up and i dont know what i want any ideas?

Eyyy mine too! Well, I don't know your interests or how old you are, but it sounds like you feel decently content with the possessions you already own. Is there anything new you wanted to try? (like knitting, cooking, drawing, etc) Anything you think would come in handy in the future? (Swiss army knife, sleeping bag, backup charger cord, etc) Anything 'normal' that you could upgrade? (such as Bath and Body Works soaps and lotions as gifts instead of regular cheap stuff) Clothes? Gift cards? I always enjoy gift cards; gives me time to think about what I may want or even happen to see something when I'm out shopping. Pet store gift cards, Starbucks, and grocery store ones are SUPER handy for me but again, don't know your age. Another idea is an experience - ask to go out to eat or to an amusement park or a fair or rodeo or daytrip or something instead of gifts! After all, pictures and memories can be amazing keepsakes.

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Everyone can contribute to help create a better and kinder internet. How do you spread the good vibes? #SID2016

I've spent a lot of time talking to teen girls online and giving advice for a good five years now. Things from media perception and body image to periods to relationships to college to managing stress and anxiety. To know that people on the internet can be good and friendly, but also to think before posting as the internet is NEVER private.

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What is more important - to be loved or to fall in love?

I think that's a weird question. Falling in love on the one hand seems selfish because it's seen as lovey dovey and perfect and ideal and romantic and fun. Yet to be loved seems selfish and very one-sided, and doesn't address how you actually feel or what you do for that other person. I think both need to be present - it needs to be mutual, not unrequited. You should love them and they should love you. If one of those is missing, then it's not a real/good/healthy relationship.

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It's Friendship Day! How do you cheer your best friend up when they're sad?

Let her vent and talk it out. She's the sort of person who likes to talk out her feelings so I provide a listening ear. Support her, let her know if she's totally justified, discuss things, etc. Distract her with tasty things if she needs a break, maybe watch a movie, help her tackle whatever tasks are stressing her out. She's my absolute bestest friend and an amazing person; I would pretty much do anything for her.

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What does a biologist do?

In general, they study the living world around us. Typically, they focus on a particular area or cause. For example, a wildlife biologist in the US typically works with local areas to manage local wildlife (both plants and animals). Another example is a marine biologist, a zoologist, botanist, etc. They can be educators, researchers, do fieldwork, labwork, they can study bacteria, whales, deserts, etc.

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How jealous are you, on a scale of 0 (not) to 10 (extremely)?

I'd like to think I'm normal? Sure I get jealous but I'm also sensible. Typically when I do feel jealous, it's of a peer who I feel is doing 'better' in life than me - better job, more stable, already married, simple but great style, seems to have a good balance and is happy, that sort of thing. But hey, that just reminds me to focus on my own goals.

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