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What makes a person rich?

Having Jesus in their heart, having loving friends & family, roof over the head, food on the table...

What's a dream you've had that you wish was real?

Sure have; I had a coworker who could predict the future; I know it’s coming, I just don’t know when

Would you rather choose a six-pack of Coke or six-pack of stomach?

6 pack of LiveWire Mountain Dew #CokeSucks

Teach me a random factoid about you, about life/existence/the world, and about what you’d like to ask if able.

iggysmith2’s Profile PhotoIggy Smith
I sang at the biggest church in Nashville in July of 1998, where all the Country stars attend

Which cities would you like to visit around the world?

Definitely would love to go back to Nashville; Washington DC, Philadelphia & New York City are fun to visit, but I’d hate to live there... Jerusalem would be fun, The Holy City...


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