Ask @TheWebrocker:

If you had a chance to replay one moment of your life, what would it be?

Replay or re-live, if I had a chance to re-live it, certain ex love interests would get the 👢

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You are attending a birthday party of a very rich person who "has got everything". What do you give him/her as a gift?

Gift card

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Can you share a useful tip for dating?

Just cause somebody is pretty on the outside, don't mean she's pretty on the inside. To women, don't expect the guy to do everything right on the first try, especially if he's never dated before, he's only human.

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What's one weird tradition in your country?

Working man pays a crapload of taxes, lower class & illegals live off the system for free

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Would you rather have an old phone with fast internet or a new cool phone with super-slow internet?

A new phone with super fast internet

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