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Hi, I have developed a system using signal processing technique in matlab. this system will give one string value as a output. now i want to get this output in raspberry pi. How can i do this? many websites say inorder to get in raspberry pi i need create simulink model. how can i solve this?

or else you can use a UART interface to connect raspberry pi and the computer, given that the data rate is not high.

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Dear thilina. I hope u will see this. Im currently trying to finish my final yr project proposal and I've ran in to a problem. I am very very interested in learning more about fpga and project supervisor advised me on implementing a ddr3 controller.--please checck the nxt qes.-chanuka

Hi, I do not have much experience with Basys2, I think you can, It will be bit hard, but yes you can, sorry for late reply :)

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i want to make a save function wch save image effect on the gui insted of save as i imlemented it nd it works correctly but the problem is when i applied 2 effect on image nd press save button they r saved but when 1 apply another effect and press reset button then i got the original image bck i wan

can you send me your code?
I will go through it on tomorrow (now 9.35PM in Sri Lanka)

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I'm a sri lankan student in australia. Can you send me the matlab code for this wihtout using sort option in matlab. Program get 15 numbers from the user and store in a array. then sort it using a function. seek for a quick reply, thanks in advance

Hi, these are the MATLAB/Java/C++ codes I have written for some sorting algorithms, hope this might help you.

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