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If you Loved someone really loved someone but the didn't love you back what would you do and how would you go about it?

Timewehad’s Profile PhotoEgg_Headz
Sadly it's going to be hard. Best thing you can do let it go. You are only hurting yourself .
You know she doesn't see you as you wish she did.

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What celebrity would be the most fun to spend the holidays with?

They are regular people. Choose one you like .

Would you work a job you don't enjoy but the pay is high ? Or a job where the pay is kinda low but you enjoy it very much?

Think about the family 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔..what benefit us more.
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Ang hilig ko pala mag haha sa dulo kahit walang nakakatawa. Siguro metaphor yun nang nasanay tayo mag pretend na masaya kahit hindi naman yun mood natin para pag may dumating na delubyo satin, di na natin need i explain. Nakakapagod din kasi mag explain right? Haha lol Happy Halloween.

justben1998’s Profile PhotoFs
The answer is yes 😂😂😂😂😂

This time I want another baby with the right woman I am meant to be with

BlinkPurfect’s Profile PhotoBlinkPurfect
I think everyone wants that . But That takes time n patience.
Sometimes you need to agree with stuff you don't like to make that person happy.
I hope you find miss askfm 😂😂


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