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When were you truly scared of smth? Tell in details

The night of my first flight to 🇺🇸
Was afraid of travelling alone
Afraid of the big change ahead
Afraid of leaving 23 years of my life behind.

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Di you are really an inspiration to me i would really like to meet you and spend some time with you i adore you a lot ?you are damn pretty ?

Thanks 💕
Do we know each other ?

How do you get motivated during the bad times?

It is just a matter of this many minutes, get through it .
Take it step by step
Eat a brownie.
Drink coffee.
Call a friend or family member

what do i do to make myself happy ? plz advise

Not an expert here but from personal experience I’ll say : Get control over your life, focus on self growth, make humble friends, live for experiences.
Ps . Take some time off your schedule today and eat your favourite flavour of cake

Anything u feel that you should done in your childhood but you haven't??️?️

Get over my fear of cockroaches 😭

What are the three most important things for you to be happy?💫⭐

Social life
Self growth
Basic life necessities


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