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Your heart is misleading you. Always use your noggin!

I'd definitely say my heart ain't the only things/9one leading me astray

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“The only thing a period should stop is a sentence” Do you agree or do you think having sex on your period is a bad?

a_suomynona’s Profile PhotoWFT
Ain't nothing wrong with earning them Redwing patch/s

Have you ever cheated, if so why?

Yes twice and because well no good answers but simply wanted sex and such

Dusty come see me we can chew the fat this is a one and only chance to get what you desire from me you no where im at

Well I'm definitely not this Dusty. So good luck on your quest.

😔 What would you say are your worst traits?

I don't know where to start so make it easy most to all of me one way or another is my worst trait/s

👥 What do you look for in a potential partner?

Me personally. Some one I'm sexually Attracted by. Am not will not won't not be looking for anything more then that at all for quite some time.

Would you ever cheat on your significant other and never say anything?

Well skip the part of would I ever and go straight to I have twice and didn't say anything (as most ppl do if they cheat) and the other was informed by the person's that I had cheated on her on.

Do you ever feel ugly?

Oh absolutely always been shy of my body. God or evolution at least blessed me a certain way.

Why you weird

Because I am and can be. Every one is at one point or another. But please elaborate on how so

I have a question for the guys. What would you do if your gf sent you a recording of her singing Paw Patrol and she told you she worked really hard on it to sing that for you What would you think? I ask because I sang that & sent it to my special angel's skype. I hope he listens to it😂🤣😅🤣😂😂.

lmarie7328’s Profile PhotoLynn Marie
He should and better be surportive of it


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