Ask @thrillho:

If you are the goddess that has created this Universe of which we inhabit skies of green & seas of red, what name shall we worship you under... and how may I show my appreciation?

I think my name could be a gurgling noise like the noise that you make when someone slits your throat and you are still trying to talk so the only way you could actually ever say my name would be to die. It will be a lonely world where no one will actually ever talk to me or even say my name. sigh. you can show your appreciation for me by blowing hot breath on my hands brrrr they're cold.

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do you have any twitter crushes and more importantly do you have a twitter crush on me.

my twitter crushes are few and fleeting, although there is one constant and his name is Desmond Hume. I probably have a crush on you if I've ever told you that I hated you. Trust me, it won't last long. If you've never watched LOST all the way through more than 3x then hit the road, loser.

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