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any ideas of where to get dresses for formal? (i meant the one that comes at the end of yr11)

umm dun reli hv ideas on it maybe some local stores at tst(if u r in hk)?

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Do u love Twins? I no they are long time ago, but i still love them so much <3 Sometimes i saw u post the lyrics of Twins' song and i no u love Twins before. Just want to no do u love them now and who u like more? Gillian or Charlene?

Haha I like them and I like Gillian more! They are like my childhood memories haha:)
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if u choose to buy one,,black creeper or pink dr ma. xd?

pink dr.mar! coz i like it veryyyyyyyy much especially the color!!!

What app or software do u use to edit photo by using computer and phones?:) like those effects and drawing on the photos

Photoshop lolll
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Can u teach me how u style ur pink dr.mart? I've bought it but dunno how to style it:(((

quite a gd idea wo haha !

prefer pink shoes or black one :P?

umm usually goes wif pink but black will be a lot more easier to match diff outfits:)


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