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What are some of your favorite accounts on ask?

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Usually even when he is busy he checks in once a week

Well, he doesn't necessarily have to check in. That part is completely on him. There's a lot of 'maybes', but the most important thing you can do as of right now, is try not to mind read the situation. I know that extremely difficult because we all do it, but it's very important to stop yourself, otherwise you're mostly going to make yourself feel worse than you already do. Another thing that you can do is, just shoot him a text. Maybe say something along the lines... "Hey, I noticed we haven't talked in awhile and I just wanted to make sure that you're ok.". Another thing that you can do in the mean time is, put your worry into something positive.

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What makes a person “good”?

For me, someone who is genuine. Someone who is willing to sacrifice their own time or needs to help others and don't expect anything in return. Someone who makes a difference in the world positively. Someone who helps the sick. Whether that's cooking for them, cleaning their house or taking them to appointments. Someone who helps at shelters, animal or homeless. Caring, respectful, good heart. The listen could go on.

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