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If you were going to get a tattoo, what would it be and where?

A long time ago, when I wanted a tattoo, it would of been a sword going down my right arm with a dragon coiled around the hilt continuing down the blade. Other ideas have been a phoenix across the length of my back.

What is your deepest held belief?

Other that I am a God in mortal guise? That there is a shred of good, no matter how small in every one. They just require that one thing for it to show.

If your plane was about to crash, who would you want sitting next to you?

No-one. That way I can get to the parashutes easier.

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What is your honest opinion on tallguy?

He is someone who takes my shite way more then any normal person would.

What is your least favorite beverage?

Plain water. Is always better to have fruit juice or something to give it flavour.

Should a game be put out quickly and patched later, or should it be pushed back to make it better eventually?

A game should be ready and finished to release with no game breaking bugs. Patches should be there for extra content and DLC. No game should ever need day one patches.

what is yur opinon of tanner

My opinion of Tanner shouldn't matter, as he or you should not be bothered by what other people think. But since you asked... I think Tanner is a pretty stand up guy. Has a lot of passion for what interests him as well as a lot of enthusiasm for it. His work for his own channel branding as well as stuff done with/for The Sonic Show is always worth watching and supporting.

What was the first album you bought? The first single?

Takhisis’s Profile PhotoSam
I can't remember that. Also, never bought singles. Never buy singles. Waste of money.

what makes you happy?

To crush my enemies, to see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

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