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What is your favorite magazine?

HAHAH veri true

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Pap dong

efek dari camera360 guys. #apaansi

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likers get 15 likes?


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Likers get tbh.

gaada yang ngelike i think lol

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likers get lt??

bah ngehits lagi lt2an? yaudahlah kalo ada yg ngelike.

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likers get first impression?

kalo ada yang ngelike ya kalo ngga gue apus hehe di like ya guyss:)

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Enak ya lo cowo, ga ribet...


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Pap homescreen & lockscreen??

haloo semuaa! mau numpang promosi yaa!

i just recently made a youtube channel with my cousin, which we named it Hungry Soul. its basically about cooking tutorials and stuffs related to food. we have uploaded 3 videos this week and 3 videos will be uploaded every week (or 4 if we want to). make sure you watch our videos and subscribe to our channel:

i hope you guys enjoy our video and make sure you like them as well!

oh and here's the videos that we have uploaded at the moment:

we hope you guys enjoy our videos and make sure you like them as well! :D

cheers x,

Carlotta & Tobias (Hungry Soul)

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likers get (+) and (-)?

Bolehh kalo ada yang likee :)

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likers get dear *name*?

bolehh kalo ada yg like

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What are the things that you hate?

Likers get ship?

boleh ajaa kalo ada yang ngelike

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Sad story

There was a young girl who had an argument with her parents. She wanted to go to a party with her friends, but her parents, who were very protective of her, would not allow her to go. The girl stormed off to her bedroom and slammed the door behind her.

Later that evening, she decided to sneak out of the house and go to the party without her parents’ knowledge. The girl got dressed and then slipped out her bedroom window and walked quickly to her friend’s house.

At the party, the girl met a guy who was a few years older than her. They talked for a while and she found him very attractive. He made her laugh. The guy was drinking heavily and, before long, he asked her if she would like to go to another party nearby. She happily accepted.

As they left the party and walked out to the car, the guy stumbled. The girl noticed that he was very drunk and began to have second thoughts about getting into the car with him. However, when she tried to say something about it, he just laughed and told her not to be so stupid.

Speeding down the highway, the boy put his arm around her shoulders. He didn’t seem to be paying much attention to the road and his driving was reckless. SHe asked him to slow down, but he ignored her.

Suddenly, she was blinded by the flash of headlights. The guy had accidentally swerved into oncoming traffic. She barely had a chance to scream before they crashed headlong into another car.

When the girl awoke, she found herself lying in a hospital bed. She was in tremendous pain and couldn’t move her arms or legs. The nurse told her that she had been involved in a head-on collision.

The girl asked if the guy who was driving the car had been seriously injured. The nurse told her that he had been killed on impact. When the girl asked about the occupants of the other car, the nurse said that they had also died in the accident.

The young girl began crying. Her body was wracked by pain and her soul was torn by guilt. She knew that death was near. Grasping the nurse by the hand, she begged the woman to give a message to her parents.

“Just tell them that I’m sorry,” whispered the girl. “I’m sorry for having disobeyed them and tell them I love them very much. Can you make sure you give them that message?”

The nurse didn’t reply. She just bowed her head and held the girl’s hand. Within minutes, the girl was dead. A doctor who had been nearby came over and asked the nurse why she hadn’t responded to the girl’s final wish.

“I didn’t know what to say,” sighed the nurse. “I didn’t want to tell her that the two people who died in the other car were her parents.”

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likers get fmk?

Wahh bolebolee ayo di likee ;)

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Which picture the best describes your city?

lupa dapet drmn tp ini keren bgt

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laaaah bukan pacarnyaa......?serius ka?HAHAHA daridulu aku kiraa pacarnyaa

kagaa HAHAHA gapernah kokk yakali temen doang kokk gamungkin lah pacaran sama orang kek gini

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likers get?

before after. sepi delete

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What do you think of people who are gay/lesbian? Just asking, no hate.

well just to clarify this i'm not gay but hey its their life their choices. if they chose to be a homosexual then why? does it really affect your freaking life? will it really disturb you? we don't know their stories maybe something happened to them that leads to those kind of decisions. you're no longer living in the 18th century like it's 2015 now and you're still thinking that's proscribed? im really really sorry to say this but there are still so soo many narrow minded homophobes out there that still has this old-fashioned way of thinking. who are we to judge? learn to accept differences. we are who we are. they are who they are. and look at these couples, can't you see how amazing they are? ;)

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Pap selfie dong

ini ajaa! apa cuma w doang yg mikir begini?

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Impersonate anak 8J satu satu. Harus jwb

Anne: gadeket
Annabella: gadeket
Aldo: gadeket
Jason gadeket
Mario: gadeket

"Cieee tobb"
"Modus lo tobb"
"Reccess kebawah bareng gue yukk"
"Lo berapa tobb?"

"Aduuhh toobb lo gaptek banget sihh"
"Gue tuh ga kapungan kaya lo tobb"
"Gimana sihh lo tob"

"Apaan sih lo geli banget"
"Jiji lo tobb"
"Apaan sihh gue kan udah ga pacarann"
"Gue gasuka baga!"
"Lo ngerti ga tob nomer blablabla?"


"Apadah lo tob"
"Eh tob cantikan putri ato shevanya?"
"Cantikan nisa ato tara?"

*pamer kaki*
"Iyadongg kan gue kaki model"
"Apadah si juvy rambut gue udah pendek masih disuruh potong"
*kelas berisik* "WOI!" *kelas hening*


"Woii tobii gue gabisa liat"


"Apasih tobb"
"Ayo kita pasti bisaa"

TM: gadeket

Natasha Ayu

'Lo bisa ngetwerk ga?' "Ishh najis ahh tob"
"Itu lagunya enak banget gue sering denger di radio"
"Aduhh tobb lo jiji banget sumpah"
"Sabar aja ya tob gue duduk sebelah lo"
*marah"* "gara" lo juga sih tobb ahh"


"Anjing dah si juvy deadlinenya sebentar banget!"
"Iyaa gue udah save di usb lo"
"Ayo kita ke ict labb"
"Thomas ganteng bangeeett!"


"Apaan dah"
*ketawaketawa* "HAHA juvy tuh aneh kaya anak kecil gitu pake thanks you ms juvy segala"


"Tobi lo udah belajar belomm?"
*dikagetin* "HAA"
"Yaudahh sorii"


"Ngapain nanya gue cari aja dia sendiri (bongs)"
"Tob lo dapet berapaa?"
"Apasih lo tob pake" lem gue-_-"


*marah* "gue gabisa nulis pake tangan kiri tob!"
"Apa tobb?"


"Lo suka bongs ya?"
"Kenapa sih takut kupu"?"


"Eh kamu ngerti ga?"

Udah semua kayaknya

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Nyesek ituu.....

-kalo kita nyapa temen trus dikacangin
-kalo kita udah nulis panjang2 tapi di read doang
-kalo kita mau curhat tapi orang yang mau kita curhatin cuman kayak "oohh""iya""ok"
-nilai kita fail tapi cuman perlu nilai 0.05 buat passing
-kalo lagi pengen jalan sama temen tapi gaada yang nganter
-kalo udah cape2 main game eh lupa ke save-_- <-- nyesek banget gilaa
-pas tiba2 berpapasan sama gebetan trus kita tiba2 gasengaja kentut/sendawa
-pas lagi ngestalk gebetan di ask fm trus kepencet like

Segitu ajaa males mikiirr hehe

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Sad story lagiii

“I’m Sorry Mom” is a creepy but sad story about a woman whose son is always misbehaving at school. This story is based on a Spanish legend.

There was a woman who lived in a small town in Spain with her husband. The couple had a ​​young son named Federico who was always causing mischief. The parents were at their wits end because the boy was constantly getting into trouble at school.

One morning, the mother woke her son as usual and got him dressed for school. While he brushed his teeth, she prepared his breakfast. After he finished eating, she sent him out to catch the school bus.

She spent the next few hours cleaning the house. It was around lunchtime, when she happened to go into the living room. To her surprise, she saw her son sitting by the window, staring outside.

“Federico!” she yelled angrily. “What are you doing home at this time? Why aren’t you at school?”

The boy was silent and turned to look at his mother. She noticed that there was blood on his forehead.

“Federico, why do you have blood on your head?” she asked.

“Mom, I’m sorry…” replied the little boy.

“Have you been fighting again?” she asked. “Did the teacher send you home?”

“I’m sorry, Mom…” Federico said quietly.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses,” said the exasperated mother. “Go to your room! When your father gets home, he will decide your punishment.”

The boy hung his head in shame and went upstairs to his bedroom. His mother just sighed and shook her head.

Just then, the phone started ringing. The mother rushed into the hallway to answer it.

“Hello,” said the voice on the other end. “Can I talk to the mother of Federico.”

“Who is speaking?” asked the mother.

“This is the school principal.”

“Oh no,” she sighed. “What did that little devil do now?”

“I don’t know how to explain,” began the school principal. “This morning, Federico climbed onto the roof of the school…”

“I’ve had it up to here with his behavior,” interrupted the mother. “I can assure you that when his father gets home, Federico will get the punishment he deserves.”

“No, you don’t understand,” said the school principal. “Federico fell off the roof and hit his head… I’m so sorry… He died instantly…”

The mother dropped the phone. Tears began to well up in her eyes. She ran up the stairs and burst into her son’s bedroom.

It was empty.

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8J seru gak?

Bangetdehh HAHA pokoknya kalo gaada alex kelasnya gabakal brisik kalo gaaaaa azy kelas kita kayak gabakal ada something special gitu HAHA

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Dari angkatan pilih 24 yang lo mau sekelas sama lo tobii

Oohh oke.
1. Obviously, Bongs
2. Emil
3. Melia
4. Natasha Ayu
5. Natasha suryawinata
6. Nisa
7. Tara
8. Abel
9. Alexis
10. Axxa
11. Hilal
12. Tassya
13. Melati
14. Shevanya
15. Putri dwityasari
16. Gaby taslim
17. Denis
18. Nando
19. Anezka wee
20. Athaya
21. Zahra
22. Atiya
23. Shafira
24. Jasmine

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