Ask @tokkiis:

Little sad baby :(

I missed you

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Do you agree that world belongs to the mad?

I love the songg

Thanks cutie

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What can computer/video games teach to a person?

Yuhy, how r u? 💕😞

I'm fine cutie but you ?

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Who is your style role model?

My poor heart

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Would you rather continue your life as it is or start it over?

Yes. Over all

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Would you rather have a boyfriend/ girlfriend for life or a best friend for life?


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こんにちは !私はセガワだよゆーひ

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Who you talk the most ?

What do you like to do on the weekends?

Why do you you like the most about your boyfriend? And what are something's you dislike about mim?

I can't to dislike something. I love how is is and his way when love me ❤

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Do you believe in "and they lived happily ever after"?

I wanna delete my acc but my bff is here so 😂

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Uglyyy boi

@lizbethsarahijaramillo she said something interesting in her page . And now you see why I love her so much???? She's more.than I could imagine...

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If you could live on another planet, which would you choose?

What's the best news you could hear right now?

Have you ever tried to be vegetarian?

@Beagleastro ❤ true ><

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Do you believe in happy endings?

Do you wear a watch?

When you take one piece from someone, you disturb everything

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Aww cute *-* What is his name?

Secret 😌 but he's so cutee ><

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It your bf? ⬇

Yes 😳

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