Are you pleased there's two other tickets in the finance officer election?

Yeah, I'm a big advocate of competition. Of course, it would have been lovely to have been able to run uncontested but it's important we push people and having others run achieves that.
It also brings out more ideas along the way and then if I do win I can steal the best ones and claim that I had been thinking of them all along.

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Do you ever end up having smelly feet sometimes?

Yes, if I leave them around for too long before dumping them and they start to rot.

If your plane was about to crash, who would you want sitting next to you?

Your mum. Yeah... that just happened.

What's a "special occasion"?

What an unusual question. Oh, actually, I've just realised this is related to the previous pants answer, you can see how it appeared to be quite weird as a stand-alone question.
I dunno, I've not gone commando for years, it just seemed like a good answer. Maybe I've become tamed by the world of pants or perhaps there's just not been an occasion special enough?

What is your favourite type of underwear to wear?

Boxers for a normal day. Commando if it's a special occasion.

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