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Why do you keep asking yourself sexual questions? Isn't that like, abit weird?

Nope, if anything it's pretty hot. I like the ask the same ones over and over just to ram the point home.

Snog, marry, avoid: Jabba the Hutt, C3PO, Chewbacca

Snog: Chewie; he seems like a good time kinda guy. Marry: Jabba; he's wealthy and you'd only have to dance around for him and when he dies you get his money. Avoid: C3PO; he's irritating and you can't live your life with someone constantly repeating the odds of things.
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Which one will you buy first Assassin's Creed III or Hitman: Absolution?

Ah, finally a question capable of stretching the grey matter. Probably AC3 as Hitman might turn out to be rubbish and I'd rather wait for reviews. The other answer depends on when they're available on Steam and if they're going cheap for pre-order.
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