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Was it good?

Not sure, I was too distracted being dazed by the concept of a naked girl to really take a whole lot in.

So tell us the story of how you lost your virginity on a cruise ship!

We met up and then got together... story enough? There's not really a lot more to tell.

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Was it a girl you met on the cruise?

Yeah, we'd met about 90 minutes before as part of one of those lame "teenage club" things.

Have you got a Lib Dem Man crush?

I already answered this as Paddy before although that was just "Lib Dem crush".

What age did you lose your virginity?

Sixteen and one quarter, on a cruise ship, about 15 minutes after my first kiss.

How Long is you penis, Mr Long? In Inches?

If you change my first "m" to an "o" then you get too my long.

Mike Bird or Zadok Day - who do you usually agree with more?

Hmm, interesting question. I agree with Mike more often but that's because he expresses more views.

The most over rated Lib Dem? Both parliamentary and twitter entities

Not sure. If I was highly rated then probably myself.

fave star trek?

STAR WARS NOT STAR TREK. My mum bought me a Star Trek board game when I was younger. She didn't even know me.

How do you intend to destroy it?

I don't even know how to begin answering this one. It's made me feel terribly old and confused.

Have you ever had a sexual experience with a man

Politics is pretty sexual and most politicos are men. Other than that, no.

Your previous questions seem very sexual. Why?

You'd have to ask the questioners... or maybe I only answer the sexual ones.

Should we draft @S8mb for pope? He's Irish so he's guaranteed the Scottish, English, American, Canadian, Australian and Kiwi votes

Seems like a reasonable idea...

Snog, marry, avoid: @RichardLoweUK, @ollyneville, Dr Julia Gasper

I had to look-up Dr Julia Gasper but I'm certainly glad I did, she's a real fox. Snog: Olly; I heard you have to snog Olly to prove you're a libertarian. Marry: Richard; two straight men marrying each other would really confuse the UKIP lot and be a good publicity stunt to support same-sex marriage. Avoid: Dr Julia Gasper; it's not that I want to avoid her but I had to pick one and snogging/marrying her just wouldn't be controversial enough.

So i'm a girl with big breasts, wearing high knee socks and a very short skirt. Can we have sex?

Lovely stuff. If I was single perhaps we could get to know each other.

Is there a reason your flirting technique seems to be calling girls slags?

Hmm, 1. I don't have a flirting technique, 2. I don't think I've ever called or even implied that any girl is a slag. If you think otherwise please give me some evidence to the contrary, I'm genuinely intrigued.

Are you the same guy as that Rory guy off Twitter?

No but then again you'd expect me to say that. Alternatively, yes but I might be lying.


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