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Do you have a kinky side? You know; handcuffs, whips and custard...

I dunno, I guess I do but I don't feel like I do because whatever you're into seems normal and therefore not kinky. Not a fan of pain or food though, at least not near me.

Who is your favourite Teletubbie?

Laa-laa. She always seemed the hottest. Po was probably technically cuter but I wasn't really into cute back then.

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Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

Yeah, a few times, although not for a long, long time and only if the gender ratio is right.

Who is your favorite James Bond?

George Lazenby. I actually quite enjoy OHMSS, even though it is dire.
Other than that, not sure, probably Daniel Craig although I thought Skyfall was fucking awful.

Starbucks or Costa?

What sort of question is this? I don't really drink tea or coffee and I'm reasonably anti-social so usually neither. I end up in Costa a lot more though so assume there's a good reason why.

what is your view on #standwithshanks ?

I agree in principle but I'd rather stay seated, if that's alright?

Twitter friends or real friends?

I'd imagine real Twitter friends would be the best. Real friends tend to be those who opportunity has brought together whilst Twitter are those you've self-selected from a much larger market. Hence why conferences are the new festivals.

Hiya mate, just a quick question if you don't mind. Were you involved in any of the nastiness that happened to me over this weekend Sir? Someone was playing silly idiots.

Sorry to hear about the silly idiots, mate. I'm glad to hear they detracted their statements though.

Ever had a threesome?

No, I've basically been offered two of them before (the good kind as well) but I'm often oblivious to come ons at the time and managed to turn them down without realising what I was doing.

Why do I find you strangely attractive?

Because you're only human. Meanwhile, back in the real world... I genuinely have no idea. It seems more likely that you just think you find me attractive, people are often mistaken like that.

Why do you get such nice questions when everyone's such a politically-obsessed abrasive prick to me?! I want Doctor Who questions...

Christina, darling
Nice questions? Most of mine are about my penis or my sexuality. The Doctor Who ones are a kindly raft in a sea of dirge.

'I'd love to try and mate with an Ewok as a Wookie' this is deff not ok

If the Ewok consents then I don't see how a libertarian could object?
We don't know anything about Wookie genitalia. It might be minuscule and they're simply so big in the body to compensate for their otherwise inadequacy.

Same question! Any race at all.

A few ideas come to mind:
1. Human. Both my Imperial sympathies and the fact that all the heroes are human makes me think that they're perhaps the best evolved.
2. Wookie. They live in trees, they make cool noises and I'd love to try and mate with an Ewok as one.
3. Mon Calamari. They build the most beautiful ships in the galaxy and Admiral Ackbar is a hero.

Favourite Sith?

If I wanted to be pretentious (which I nearly always do) then I'd have to go for Darth Caedus AKA Jacen Solo, Han and Leia's first-born. I've not actually read about his fall to the dark side and had to look it up on Wookiepedia.
In film terms, I guess I'd have to go for Sidious/Palpatine. He is, after all, the master-mind behind bringing down the Republic and managed to manipulate not only the entire Jedi Order but also all of the other Sith Lords of the era; Maul, Tyranus, Vader, etc.

Doctor Who or Star Wars?

Touché. However much it pains me; Star Wars.
In terms of televised/movie content I'd probably give Doctor Who the edge, especially for some of the late 60s stuff.
When you throw in Expanded Universes though Star Wars takes it, both on books and video games.
Whilst Doctor Who has some incredibly good books and the books are almost certainly much smarter (a large number of them, at least) I always found Star Wars a lot more immersive. Perhaps this is because the Doctor is an alien therefore you can't really project yourself on to him and as a man there's not much appeal to being the companion. In Star Wars, on the other hand, there are a number of character positions you can place yourself in.
This is especially true for video games. There has never really been any good Doctor Who games, whilst there are a few Star Wars games that were very important in my childhood.

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What's your favourite chocolate bar?

Probably the most difficult question I've ever had to answer. Errm... I love Mars bars and Snickers, big fan of Dairy Milk and Whole Nut, Galaxy is great too. Maltesers are divine. Chocolate buttons are pretty great and Kit-Kats are inspired. I don't think I'm a big fan of most of the others, other than any with caramel in because caramel is awesome. I also have a soft spot for Fudge bars.

have you spoken at Lib Dem Conference?

Nah. The delegates at conference are pretty nutty, I don't want to get booed off stage.

Why do you keep asking yourself sexual questions? Isn't that like, abit weird?

Nope, if anything it's pretty hot. I like the ask the same ones over and over just to ram the point home.

How long is your penis?

At least try to come up with something original. I've had less than 40 questions and already answered this before.


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