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What's your weirdest fetish?

I'm not sure I have any weird fetishes and if I did I probably wouldn't answer them on here anyway. I'm quite the fan of knee-high socks.

Have you ever given a reacharound to a spider monkey while reciting the pledge of alligience?

Only the once. It's an experience neither myself nor the spider-monkey are keen to repeat.

Snog, marry, avoid: Jabba the Hutt, C3PO, Chewbacca

Snog: Chewie; he seems like a good time kinda guy. Marry: Jabba; he's wealthy and you'd only have to dance around for him and when he dies you get his money. Avoid: C3PO; he's irritating and you can't live your life with someone constantly repeating the odds of things.
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Former obviously. Arnold would be ashamed of you broheim.

Arnie's movie roles are only a metaphor for the teachings of Doctor Milton Friedman

Free market fight club, you in broseidon?

Are they physical fights or market battles? Former, nah, latter, hell yeah.

Steps outside, stairs inside .. why ?

My first reaction was a simple "WTF?" but then I began to ponder and it hit me that it is quite a valid question. I'm guessing one of them (probably steps) pre-dates the other by some centuries and that having steps indoors became trendy somewhere abroad, such as France, and we adopted their word for when steps are indoors.

is everything shit?

No, everything's not, just most things connected to me. Anyway, enough self-deprecation for one answer.

Which one will you buy first Assassin's Creed III or Hitman: Absolution?

Ah, finally a question capable of stretching the grey matter. Probably AC3 as Hitman might turn out to be rubbish and I'd rather wait for reviews. The other answer depends on when they're available on Steam and if they're going cheap for pre-order.
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will you be part of @woollymindedlib's delegation to the liberal youth conference? everybody tells me he is wonderful and it would be such an opportunity for you to be in the presence of such greatness.

Haha... I'd come round to the point of view that I would go and then I read somewhere that they'd be delighted if attendance was as high as 30-people and heard a few other people say it was rubbish.

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