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Do you think it's wrong that I want to try out different dr*gs? I want to experience new things. Whether they'll be bad experiences or good experiences, I won't know until I've tried them. I feel like life's short, and it'd be monotonous to not take risks and try out new things.

I used to be a human test subject. Just remember you can really destroy your brain. I got really lucky. I would recommend at the least getting the test kits. Somethings you really don’t wanna do. Like I bet 4-Aco-Dmt. It’s synthetic shrooms. Now I hate regular shrooms to me it’s just baby stuff. This stuff put me on the mood. I actually had visuals. Nobody I gave it to could do it with me. I’m talking at the time I was 20 so I had many friends. It warped some people’s mind so I just kept it to myself. Shit is so powerful it’s not even illegal. Watch what you’re doing. You know 2CB-FLY will really burn your nose. I mean like M burns but omfg watch out I mean like straight glass up your nose. That’s another one nobody can really do. 🤣 Just really be careful. I got blessed and really test everything if you are going to. I can’t stop but I can tell you I’ve had really scary things happen to other people. Just remember one 15 minute experience can change your life for the worse as well. Don’t ever just trust a dealer. Ever.

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How'd you get out of the drug game?

Guys. I was connected to the biggest plugs on this side of the state. Once covid hit the police got board and started taking out all my homies. We had one guy named Jake as well who was the the guy for cid. He OD on H and once he died we all said that’s the day Cid died. Dude would triple dunk the sheets wouldn’t even mf care. Regardless Jake died, the police took out every last one of my homies I’m mean like 6 different guys. Kinda was put out the game. No offense but stop listening to rap from 2012 and remember the world has really changed. Lmao

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Imagine that you are madly in love with someone but they only see you as a friend. What would you do? How would you react?

Grab a mf bottle, talk to myself for a while. Move on.

what age is the perfect age to get botox or fillers? is 31 too early? I don't like the way I look, i wanna look 20 again tbh


How often do you preach to people the “Do as I say but don’t do what I do”???

Never lead by example. Unless your a child then well sometimes stay in your lane kid lmao

What’s the gayest thing you’ve done

The only thing I really do, is Tell Gay Men thank you for being less competition. I do absolutely nothing gay wtf 😂

Please don’t flirt with me if I gotta come pick you up. 😐😩🙄

God sucks not having a man who own’s a stick shift huh 😂

I can’t believe it’s already going to be a New Year… doesn’t it feel like this year flew by? ໒꒰ྀིっ˕ -。꒱ྀི১

princessxbunnii_’s Profile PhotoBb Bunni
Omg definitely like where did the time go? I thought only old mf’s felt like that 😂😂😂

You should come visit Texas. We got all kinds of amazing tacos & epic carne Asada too that you would really like. We'd take you on a "taco tour" & treat you like a King. And you're cute af too xoxo

Now this sounds good 🙌🏻

are you a racist

Absolutely not. The whole idea to me is stupid. I don’t wanna hate someone based on culture or color.

Is it fun to be a hypocrite

Wouldn’t know. I worked my whole life on being real. Maybe you could try it out one day?

How many people would you date if you could? An who would they be?

aliciabiscool9’s Profile PhotoAliciabiscool
I really suck at picking out girls. I’m attracted to sexy but evil. I’m not sure why it’s like there is this beautiful side to the evil and I’m so in love with it and then all of a sudden sudden bam it’s like a switch flips and that beautiful girl I was all about dies and the acting stops and I then see what I’m really dealing with. So I think I’ll have to pass on wanting to date anyone. I want real legit connection.

Who wants to see a riot

aliciabiscool9’s Profile PhotoAliciabiscool
I’m all good, been around violence, drugs, and death almost my whole life. I think I’m ready to step away from all that. I want a wife a few kids I’ll be good. No riots, no storming White House, no hating people over stupid shit, just house, fence, dog, wife, and kids.


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