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Honey. Leave me alone. You’re gonna find a person way better for you than me. I don’t want anything to do with you. Stop looking at my stuff and reaching out. You’re better than that. Ask yourself, why are you acting like this? What need do you have that is not being met?

Well let’s be real. You wanted a “second chance” I didn’t lie or
Say nothing wrong, stop with the bull shit and love yourself. I do what I want because I’m a man. Hate it all you want but you ain’t stopping shit. I said what I said. Sink or swim.

What happens if you tell a smoker they need to stop because it’s bad for them 🤣

Well one of 2 things it’s either going down like 1: F u and everything you just said. 2: Are you sure? Well maybe I should look into this.

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I miss your scent. I can still smell you. I remember how u use to sniff on me. 😚 I love you. 😘

Whoa now you must be the best s
Smelling girl ever. Idk 🤙🏻

Babe... I gotta have surgery 🥺... Can you pleaseeeee call or text me... it's an emergency 😩

What’s your number?


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