Ask @totlamad:

I asked your thoughts on the purpose of growth because it begs questions about the results of unplanned growth elsewhere in nature, boom and bust, bloom and extinction. As these cycles exist in capitalism, do you feel there is something special about human ingenuity which allows for endless growth?

To me it currently seems like we are already starting to see the limitations of our ingenuity in some ways, primarily intelligence. We are slowly relying on artificial intelligence for our growth and it could be that future intelligence that navigates this world might not have a biological form at all.
Our ingenunuity in the absence of our intelligence as a major driving force for our growth might take other forms. Perhaps we might develop networks that are manifestations of other aspects of being human - whatever is the need of the hour.

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Do you like shopping? How much time can you spend on this?

I love shopping for other people, don't enjoy shopping for myself unless it's with a good friend or with relatives who feel like buying me something. If it's for essentials, I try to get out ASAP. otherwise I don't care how long it takes.

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