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Am i the only one who don't have 10 yearold pic for the #10yearchallenge??

Hamza Khan
Ik this is not what you are talking about, but this is just something i keep noticing and it really bothers me a lot.
So some people like following online trends. Thats cool.
Some, like me, Dont. Thats cool too.
Whats not cool is one of these groups shiting on the other over this. Like what is the point? What does it achieve, except spreading negativity all around?
You could argue that its a proof of your "maturity" that you are not doing what everyone else is doing. But is it?
This, after-all, is a trend in itself. Whenever something goes popular, some people are all "LOOK EVERYONE, I AM NOT DOING THIS THING. PLEASE SOMEBODY GIVE ME A MEDAL!"
Claiming credit for not doing something doesnt really make much sense. Its not like someone is holding a Gun to your head to make you do #10yearchallenge, is it?

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Two Eids in the country once again.....

The Real ANON
It was simply not possible to spot the moon today anywhere in Pakistan,except in the coastal region.
Now some guy from the area in the exact opposite direction is saying that some people told him that they saw the moon.
Funny how they waited for the official announcement from Saudia to tell anyone about spoting the moon.This is sectarianism,plain and simple.
Ahh the power of ignorance!

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