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Were the romans polite when they salted The ground of Carthage To make sure nothing would ever grow again?

They did not see politeness as an option in a war, it’s not it’s week and will cost an empire every. If you aren’t willing to win you have no business waging war, and if you have no possibility of winning salt everything for 100 miles and leave them nothing for a victory

Why do I shut down and not talk to my friends or family when I’m depressed? How do I tell people I don’t mean to ignore them I just need space

What won’t? Another Christmas?

Narcissists have a guilty conscious, and almost always indirectly tell on themselves and talk about the horrible things they’ve done to others. But it was never them, it’s always somebody else. Yet they know so much about why that person did it. Indirectly speaking from their own POV

1-10 how high do I score on the scale?


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