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Does anyone know if door dash drivers can see like you’re personal info?👀🤔 I ordered a door dash over a month ago to my old address, tell me why and how the driver showed up at my current address “looking/asking for me” like how did this driver find me...🤮 #sketchyaf

Could be the new residents (or neighbors) told them where you live?

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My employer won't allow me to have Proactive phone protection, CamScanner, Weather apps (except ventusky), FB, IG, SC, WA, Messenger, flashlight apps, Angry Birds, Zombie Mod, Doordash, dating apps, Ring Doorbell, most children games. Why because of the numerous security threats. Does yours?

Wow, what security threats & what employer?

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Would u walk away from a job if it was affecting ur mental health?..

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Yeah, its not worth it. I'd try other methods like fasting and quitting coffee + drugs
Would u walk away from a job if it was affecting ur mental health

🗺 If you had to live in another country for the rest of your life, which country would you relocate to?

Either Salvador or Mexico


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