Is it responsible or okay that I've taken a hiatus from trans advocacy? That I'd rather get back to the goal of transitioning rather than stay in the middle and only dwell on my trans issues? Should I get back to correcting people through social media?

Of course! Neglecting yourself while giving to everyone else isn't compassion. The circle of true compassion extends to oneself as well as others. We cannot give from a dry well. The trick is finding balance and honoring the truth of where we're at and what we have the capacity to do.
Trans advocacy is about being conscious of what we do; it's knowing that everyone can do something in a way that is respectful of themselves and of their community. For some, that will look like helping to set up a trans support group. For others, it looks like being there for someone at 3 in the morning because they need to talk to someone who gets it. For others, it might look like lobbying, giving to trans orgs or having a blog.

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Eduardo De Oliveira Padoan@EduardoDeOliveiraPadoan
Jeremy McFarland@germtheworm