division. we have mtf trans players but are dealing with someone who is FTM and wants to play in our division. They prefer playing with women than men so the open league isnt what they want to play in. What are your thoughts on this? Should we allow them? Or would it be cont.

I tend to not be a fan of gender divisions in the first place; I think it's silly and patriarchal. Instead, I tend to support sport models based on weight/height division/classes instead of arbitrary systems that can't deal with trans and/or intersex people.
Having said that, the horses are out to the barn so to speak and you have a gendered system you're trying to make work which means there's some assumptions built into the system. You can now choose to be ridged about the gender system you have or you can be flexible. A rigid system would assert that only ABC-identified people can play here and XYZ-identified people can play there. A more flexible system will realize that depending on where someone is in their transition, some players choose to stay - or move on - depending upon their own comfort level. A FTM played women's basketball and a MTF played men's soccer. However, the point is that it was *their* choice.

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