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What's up 🙋

lmao i can’t believe i even thought of checking this like seven years later but here i am
hope all my former friends are well :)

Do you think that relationships are meaningless when you are teenager? Why?

Relationships aren't meaningless when you are a teenager, but it isn't really as "Serious" as a relationship when you're an adult; you know more when you are older. When you are in a teenage relationship, you are experiencing something, and something you will never forget. You may look back it in a good way or a bad way, but it definitely will be in your mind for a while.

Just a reminder that if you want to be removed, just ask! Don't waste my time.😁 If you haven't been active for personal reasons, just shoot me a message explaining! (not in detail) Remember, I remove people who haven't answered a question of mine in a month!😱 Have a fab day!

ok I'll tell you if i want to be removed but rn i don't so ill just stay here

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Do you see anyone online as a friend? If no, why's that? If yes, who do you consider a friend?

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yes, i see many people online as friends, they are better than most of the people in rl to me tbh. i consider someone who i talk to daily (doesn't even have to be daily) and I want to have a strong bond with them

if you could re do or re live a good time in your life what would it be?

i wouldn't re do or re live a good time in my life because it was a good time and it might go bad and if I didn't do the same things it would be really different and it would change things up
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How much do you worry about your health? Why?

it depends on what situation im in. if i really want to do something (like go on a rollercoaster) sometimes I get scared but I don't go on it if I don't want to. i try my best to take care of myself and my health as much as possible.
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Do you think that Cds will no longer be produced since many people now download their music? Why?

i think that cd companies won't stop producing cds because that's how they make money and they will probably stop once people stop buying cds but for now they are still doing it for a while
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Question 1: Are you someone who is hard to get to know or are you an open book? Why?

im really hard to get to know when i don't know you but when im comfortable around you im probably the most open book ever because i don't like hiding a lot of things but I need to know you before I spill out my life to you so I watch out for that
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How are you different online than in person?

im VERY VERY VERY shy in person and im awkward and i curse sometimes if I'm comfortable around you and if i usually just try and avoid people i know sometimes (from like my school)
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Question 1: How hard is it for you to say no to people? When saying no, do you ever feel guilty?

it's really hard for me to say no, and usually I can never get it out, so I just say yes, because I'm what people would call "the big people pleaser." i am practicing saying no, but it hasn't really helped. i usually always feel guilty when I say no to someone, i put their happiness before mine.
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Question 1: How well do you deal when you're under pressure? Do you stay calm or freak out? Why?

im horrible under pressure tbh. if someone puts me under pressure i am a nervous freak and i can't rlly contain myself.
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what beach would you like to go to that you've never been to before?

i want to go on a beach in cali omg florida beaches suck i live like five-ten mins from the beach and the water is LITERALLY grey
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