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Did this ever happend that you woke up in the middle of the night and saw a shadow in the corner and you couldn't move? Because that happed to me once

Not this exactly.. but this one time a few yrs back,, i was jamming in my room tafree mein raat me. And i was alone.. and like solo dance party scenes thein.. so when i turned around i saw a little boy in this corner glaring at me.. and ljke he was illuminated and all idk.. idk if i imagined it or what but oof...

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Why do my girl always lie to me about boys and all ? Like she talks to them and then hides . Like is this cheating ?

Talking to someone but hiding it can show tht she is scared or hesitant to share that information with you, maybe because you are restricting her too harshly or dont trust her enough to give her space. Cheating is a very heavy word.. it would be considered cheating when and if she is involved deeply with a guy similar to the way she is with you... if she has labelled another guy as hers, whilst being in a relationship with you, then you hav a problem. If shes investing more time with u and more emotions with you, then dont jump the gun and call her a cheater so quickly

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