Are women equal to men?

This question 😂
Look.. before everyone starts getting hyper and starts using new words that they just learned, like "femminist", take a deep breath and read thru what i hav said..
My opinion is that women and men were created to be dfferent not to be against each other.. but to be with each other.. there are things a woman was not built to do and vice versa and its better to accept it. A woman is a very fragile and beautiful creation and she should take care of herself and the way she carries herself just bec of how naazuk she is.. smth tht some women dont understand.
In my opinion, if a woman has it in her, go study. Go work. Go help out the best you can.. but dont fight a man, or anyone, tht if he can pick a large heavy box, then so can you, for you hav not been created tht way. Dont argue with the world tht you should be able to sit the way youd like to, for your birth was not for this intention nor shall it go to waste like that.
So are women equal to men? No they arent. They werent created to be nor should we create a standard for them to be compared to. Women were created to fill in gaps of man and man was created to fill in the gaps of a woman. Theyre supposed to fit like puzzle pieces.