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Rekomen movie yg bgus dong

nindya_kr’s Profile Photonindya
Heat 1995, Se7en, Godfather (1 & 2), all Lord of The Rings (all of em), The Hobbits, God of Gamblers, Kill Bill, Ghibli Movies, Akira, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Eragon, American Gangster, Lord of War...
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Pengen banget jalan-jalan, cuma pas keluar rumah kok bawaannya beda ya malah mager. Kalian pernah kayak gitu gak?

Silviiemelan’s Profile PhotoMou
All the time...

Gue kangen banget tapi gatau harus ngapain. Pilihannya : a. Nangis, b. Nangizzz, c. Nangidd, d. NANGIS

adndml6’s Profile Photoadndml
why not E?? the masochist?? "Hurt yourself" one?? i mean... you can feel the pain; and that pain will alter your heartache, cuz youll focusing on the bleed part tho... duh... well, whatever the option, suit yourself for the consequences...
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aku nemu kutipan, bunyinya gini "sesuatu hal yang sudah dijauhkan oleh Tuhan, jangan lagi pertanyakan"

chenleismine22’s Profile Photomoo
Pertanyakan saja, nanti juga dapat jawaban...

Target nikah tu umur brp si?

nofrialdi160873’s Profile PhotoNofri Aldi
idk.. i dont have the money... i dont have the brain, guts, bravery; im pathetic... so idk, im guessing imma die first...
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Capek jdi baik

nvtievie’s Profile Photonopnop
its always an optional since you were born... (Big Chances) No one forced you to be nice, but your siblings, family or friends might have part on making you to be a kind, nice, and be respectful toward others... So, to begin with; theres no one forcing you to be a nice or be good to others...

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Menurut kalian before 30yo pilih berkarir dulu atau cari jodoh? Karena Kalau calon liat value perempuan tanpa pendidikan tinggi/tanpa karir dianggap minus. Wdyt guys🤔

lutfiafiani’s Profile PhotoLhutfia Fiani
Im still unemployed, near 30, daymmm hope i died tho... Well, "dianggap minus"?? Wuuutt... I mean there must be someone like that... But, out of those options... Id go with Career...

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