Ask @treasureflower:

i really wanna know more about your personality/ What are your secrets?

My name is Treasure. I’m a narcissistic goddess fool trying to play both enlightenment & evil on the same fucking card & it’s starting to take its toll on me even though I’m ~infinite~ & do not give a fuck. I’m the dumbest smart person you’ll ever meet & I have a really nice ass. Sometimes Im sad because I love life too much.

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who is nicer mom or dad

I think they’re both nice in their own ways.... I’d say my mother is more empathetic & compassionate, maybe. My father is sweet but he’s different. If it were a really hot day my mother would offer you some water. My father wouldn’t. He’d reason if you wanted water, you’d ask.... but if you did he’d give you some. Both are nice. Just different.

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