Ask @treasureflower:

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

1. No one cares as much as you think they do
2. The people you've met in your life will become ghosts. Some will haunt you, some will find the light, & some will leave you wondering why. In the end, you will realize they can all disappear as soon as you find the light yourself.
3. Never be afraid of letting go & always take the opportunity for yourself, not others.
4. You are never alone.
5. Never pretend you don't care. Never pretend you are happy when you are sad. Feel what you feel & don't be ashamed of it. Stop pretending you aren't human.
6. If you haven't talked to someone in six months or more re-introduce yourself because both of you are no longer the same person.
7. Change is constant & change is good.
8. Death proves people are meant to leave & never come back.
9. You can always start over.
10. Do what makes you happy. When you are lying on your death bed you will regret being afraid of being yourself because of others.

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What do you do, when you love two people at the same time. They both want you to be happy, but I want them to be happy too? What would you do? Especially if you’re afraid to leave the one you are with currently?

well hello & good morning, sweet blossoming flower of love!!! You just love. Just be yourself, be your love, let it come naturally, let it flow out of you because that’s what love wants to do! give love, acceptance & compassion to everyone & everything. true love is greater than the time & space that restrict &/or separate us on the physical plane but you don’t need to cut ties if you really love this person! I think that’s so nonsensical & drastic & strange.. Keep loving them. Speak to them about your concerns. If they don’t care, you know what to do.. but speak from your heart & understand with your heart & everything will eventually be okay. <3

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How would you explain color to a blind man?

I'd compare them to feelings. Red is the words that get stuck in your throat & orange is the sun shining on your face. Blue is the last moments before the season changes & black is when you take that first gasp of air after holding your breath for too long.

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