Is ERP necessary for Manufacturing companies in India?

The primary mandate behind creating ERP tools was the integration of all managerial tools needed to manage a company’s internal and external operations. Without an ERP software, business owners and the executives have to rely on multiple time consuming and inaccurate programs which make data mitigation and analysis inconvenient.
Indian industrial scenario for the manufacturing sector is complex both in structure and size. Indian businessmen are slow in adopting technology and automation for their business and this is the reason why less than 58% of the Indian manufacturing industry has been automated, whereas this number climbs up to 81% in the west.
ERP Software for Manufacturing Company in India not only makes the collaboration within the company easier, but it also streamlines the operation of the entire manufacturing unit.
Some of the benefits of cloud based ERP for manufacturing in India are :
Efficiency and increased productivity – Tedious tasks such as report compilation, sales monitoring and updating inventory take a lot of time. Even back office operations can be automated using cloud ERP. The saved time can be used to improve productivity.
Operational cost reduction – Merging and collaboration between various business processes lead to a reduction in operational costs. Such efficiency fetches the manufacturing company a strong word of mouth.
Accurate reporting – section in the software allows for the timely collection of reports. Data analysis can be used for verification of these reports.
Data security – Cloud ERP stores data in a secure cloud which is encrypted. This encryption provides data security both from theft and loss. The feature of auto backup can be enabled to create real time copies of the company data.
Consistent quality – following a standardized procedure results in the production of goods which are consistent in quality. The goods can be analyzed using a checkpoint based system where faulty products are withheld from going into the market.
It is for these advantages that more and more entrepreneurs are switching to Cloud ERP for their manufacturing firm.