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What is/was your character’s relationship with their father like?

he was very close to him and he loved him a lot before his father died

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Are there any emotions the character is particularly afraid of, or really resents having to feel?

he is afraid of love, as much as he doesn't want to say it he is scared that he if he loves he will lose them

What happens when your character doesn't get what they want?

a loud huff of annoyance then he sneaks and gets it anyway

Is your character more dominant or submissive to the people around them? Do they tend to follow others' orders and wait for people to give them instruction in life, or do they charge ahead and make decisions on their own?

he makes his own decisions though he can listen if needed but he is very hot headed and just does what he thinks is right

It's kind of awkward - what subjects are likely to make your character hesitate, flush, stumble on their words, etc.?

whenever someone brings up Reece or he is talking to her

lets say your character had to choose a muggle movie. what would they choose? mean girls? insidious? iron man?

the mighty ducks

what if your character had instagram: would they use cringeworthy hashtags such as #l4l and filter it too the max? or take candid photos and have a lot of followers?

his Instagram would just be filled with stupid pictures of him and his friends doing stupid stuff

your character has snapchat. who would be their best friends on there? would they keep streaks or lose them easily?

his streaks would be intense, like running full speed across the school and barging into a class room to tell the person to send them a streak so they don't lose it, Zander would be his best friend because they would have a ugly competition seeing who could send the ugliest selfies

does your character have any christmas traditions (ik im focusing on christmas but this gives you some good muse ngl)

Phoebe and Percy wearing match sweaters and squish into his single bed together, and Zander plus Laura are forced to sleep on the floor of his room. they do this every year

do they stay at the castle for christmas or do they go home?

he loves Christmas with all his heart and he loves to spend it with his friends but he goes home with his family [ and invites people to come with them ]

would your character put their name in the triwizard cup?

without a doubt, he would most definitely be too young and would try and age himself up making everything turn bad

what class is there favorite? explain why :)

DADA or Care Of Magical Creatures, he loves DADA because he actually has fun in the class and he always loved the idea of becoming a auror and he loves COMC because he loves creatures all types

your character has three options: immortality, money, fame what would they choose?

I would say money as he could use it to help out his family and friends

How easy or difficult is it for your character to say “I love you?” Can they say it without meaning it?

Percy isn't very good at saying I love you but when he does he means it, but he prefers to show he loves someone through different ways

what teen wolf character is your character most like? (don't have to answer if you haven't watched)

I'm going to say Stiles or Liam maybe
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what is the worst thing that has happened to your character?

well the worse thing before the war would be his father being murder and the worse thing after the war is losing his twin sister


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