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What's thoughts on Bob Murphy and the Austrian view of inflation?

I don’t think the austrian business cycle is sufficient to explain recessions, as would be the case for any theory that is both daring and vague enough to encapsulate every business cycle. Furthermore, it is extremely undetailed and offers very little value or explanatory power on the nature of busts. That being said, even if it sufficient to explain SOME business cycles, it doesn’t always comport to the data available on the money supply and inflation.

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How would someone coming from a libertarian perspective understand or be convinced of the propertarian perspective?

Rather than reading Curt Doolittle's work, first read the work of his supporters. Some good websites / blogs would include: The Propertarian Forum, The Pakistani Reactionary, while also Curt's videos and podcast appearances are informative too.

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Is a socialist economic policy coupled with hard-right social views necesarily self-defeating (more in the effect that the economics has on the rightist social norms than the fact that socialism is a bad economic policy)? I ask because I am noticing third-positionism growing online lately.

I don't know if I would say they are self-defeating. But it is surely hard to maintain a good society when you are impoverished by socialist economic policies. Im sure any natsoc deep down would rather enjoy the living standards of the US as opposed to Nazi Germany where economic planning was made so impossible they couldn't even make shoe sizes.

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Do you think nationalism is inherently anti individualist or do you think the two are reconcilable

I think individualism is a 'half-truth' for the most part, but to simplify that term to just mean 'liberty' for the sake of answering your question. I would say I think nationalism is not only compatible, but is necessary for a free society.

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