Ask @trulyJoey:

what's been the biggest challenge to proving yourself in Hollywood?

I just really want to show people that what I do is so important to me, no matter what kind of role it is. I want to show people that I can do any kind of role. That I can take on anything and really just go at it 110%. The biggest challenge in proving myself is being able to obtain those roles and certain characters that really get to show the range that I have and want to show.

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Who is the better flynn brother and why?

They’re both going to kill me lmao . Ok, I’m going to say the better Flynn brother is probably Lee because Elle and Lee have been friends since birth and Lee has always, always been there for her. Noah is amazing, too. He’s more of a new thing because now he’s just realizing how awesome Elle is, when Lee already knew all along how awesome she was.

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Advice for the first kiss ever?

Don’t be too nervous. Don’t overthink it. I feel like your first kiss is never going to be the most amazing kiss you ever have in your life. It’s probably going to be the worst kiss you ever have in your life. You just have to embrace that and go forward knowing that and just figure it out because you’re not being judged by the person and you’re not judging them. It’s just going to be weird and awkward and fun and you’re going to get over it and then you’re going to go home and tell your friends, “Hey, I just had this kiss and it was really weird.” That’s probably going to be the whole story.

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