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Think there is a reason you're not engaged?

Yeah I'm 17? Lol

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Do your parents let you and your boyfriend sleep in the same bed? If so, how did you get that to happen cause my parents are really strict and I want them to let him sleep in the smae bed with me.

He has like twice, and once was a camping trip lol. I would just gradually give hints. Like him spending the night but on the couch or extra bedroom if you have one, then ask eventually once they act like they're starting to trust you

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What do I do if I dated a guy for awhile, a few months ago. He broke up with me for another girl and always blamed me for cheating on him when I never did. We've been broken up for about 5 months now and he wants me back, idk if I should believe he changed or not? He's been one of my best friends fo

I would make him work for it and prove it to you. Just give it time and once you feel like you're ready and trust him completely, then I'd go for it. But make sure he knows you all talking doesn't mean you are getting back together for sure. But that he just needs to prove that you are his number one priority

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Okay, if your boyfriend still talked to a girl he's had sex with in the past, how would you handle it?:/

He lost his virginiry to me and I same to him. But I would seriously be sooo pissed and ask him to stop

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any advice on how I can ask my parents to let my bf spend the night? their kind of strict so I don't really know how to bring it up or ask?

My boyfriend got in a fight with his dad so he stayed at my house and that's just how it started honestly lol. I would just suggest saying something like how cool it would be if he could stay the night, even if you didn't sleep in the same bed at first, maybe they'll let you eventually

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Are your parents strict did they not want you sleeping over your boyfriends house?

I've never slept over at his house, although his parents wouldn't care. If we are spending the night together they'd only allow it at my house

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me and my bf have been dating about a year... my parents love him... how could I get them to let him stay the night? I've never asked but I know their strick. my dad won't even let us cuddle lol. advice?

My parents are the same way and don't always let him sleep in the same bed with me sometimes. My boyfriend actually got in a fight with his parents and I told him to stay at my house and my parents were okay with it so after that they didn't really care!

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how old were you when you and your bf started spending the night together?

Around the time of my 17th birthday

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my boyfriend snapchats this chick all the time and she's one of his "best friends" on snapchat and she's pretty. I trust him but it makes me so uncomfortable. & when I used to snapchat my guy friend, he got really angry at me. any advice?

Courtney Glover

That's extremely hypocritical of him. Tell him it definitely isn't fair at all, and if he's allowed to snapchat girls without you getting really angry, then he should be okay with you doing it. Communication is key, but he definitely shouldn't be snapchatting other girls if you've told him you didn't like it, in my opinion.. Especially if it's not okay for you to snapchat guys.

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My boyfriend will go hours without texting or calling me but then expects me to just be here when he wants to hangout. What do I do?

Tell him he's being hypocritical by doing that, and that if he wants the relationship to continue then he needs to pay attention to your needs as well. Don't just sit around and let him control the relationship, YOURE in it too

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I really need help. So my boyfriend said I'm not the best kisser, but I'm his favorite kisser. What would you do if your boyfriend said that to you? I feel so shitty and have no idea what to do.

I would be kind of offended by that. Ask him why he thinks you aren't the best kisser or you could just play it off and say stuff like "maybe we should practice more;)" haha

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Would you get mad if your boyfriend texted other girls a lot? Like girls he's known before you?

Depends on how she was talking to him, I trust my boyfriend so I know he wouldn't flirt or anything like that with other girls but honestly, ever since we started dating he doesn't talk to girls. But it would bother me

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That was the first time I've ever had anything like that happen, I always wondered what it would be like to faint or get knocked out. Be careful what you wish for lol

I've always wondered too but I hope it doesn't happen to me lol

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like he is genuinely sorry I know that for a fact, and I need to stop punishing him because I've punished him enough

You don't need to feel bad for punishing him honestly... What he did was wrong and he should work 10 times harder to fix this so you won't feel this way anymore

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please answer mine!!

Which one was yours?

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well he was intoxicated a lot because we were going through some stuff and the long distance made it harder, but we have been together 4 1/2 years and this was 3 years ago and we're not in an ldr anymore and we're doing perfect now, but when he was drunk and high and slept with her

Well... I would just keep telling myself it didn't happen, like trick your mind into thinking it didn't happen. Otherwise, if it still bothers you as much as it would me, I would end it and find someone who won't do that to you. No matter how long you've been together. If he is sorry, you need to make sure he's proving it BIG time and tell him you need a lot more coming from his side of the relationship now since that happened.

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how would you get over your boyfriend cheating? he cheated while we were long distance like 3 years ago and I've forgiven him but I'm still psycho about the girl he cheated with and everything. we're engaged now so I really need to get over it. help please!

If you want my true opinion, I wouldn't have gotten back with him in the first place. There HAS to be trust in a relationship and you obviously can't trust him no matter how much you want to. If you don't mind me asking, did he just like kiss her? Or like hook up with her?

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I need some advice

Okay ask away!

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How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Lmao I'm okay! My boyfriend was on the other line, completely confused

Haha I'm glad you're okay though! I haven't had anything of that sort happen to me

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What color socks are you wearing/ last wore?

I seriously hate socks but the last socks I wore were for work and I have to wear black so there you go

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I couldn't believe it actually knocked me out!!I didn't even feel it like I remember hearing a bang, literally seeing stars and my last conscious thought was how sleepy I felt..

Oh my gosh you poor thing!

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What is happiness for you?

My boyfriend

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Haha omg that's terrible! Once I walked into a pole, while talking on the phone to my bf, and literally knocked myself out mid sentence. Like I mean I was asleep on the ground!!

Hahahaha oh my gosh. I've ran into glass doors before but nothing like that. That's too funny!

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What's the most embarrassing way you've ever injured yourself?

Just last week I feel down icy stairs and twisted my ankle in front of my moms entire class because she's a teacher and my butt is still bruised black so that was very embarrassing haha

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