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What do you think baby caterpillars do when there bored?


They turn into baby butterflies

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What's the smallest number of bites it's taken you to eat an entire loaf of bread?

I've never tried. Sorry:(

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What are some of your favorite quotes from musicals?

Recently I've been using "our life's calling was never meant to be boring" from finding Neverland for all my social media bios. But I also love "to love another person is to see the face of God" from Les Mis and "I may be small but I have giant plans, to shine as brightly as the sun"- little women and "be the hero of your story"- big fish

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Do you think bugs have best friends?

I think they have minions who plot ways to freak us out

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"All the best people are" ~ Alice in Wonderland


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No, it makes rainbow colored jelly 🍌

You're crazy😂😂😂

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Have you ever tried planting a jelly bean?

No, does it grow a candy tree?

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What color crayon do you think is the tastiest?

Personally, I think they're all pretty sharp;)

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Do you think bees like Beyoncé?

I don't think bees like any human.. That being said, they probably do like Beyoncé

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Have you ever tried to telepathically communicate with a dog just to see if you could?

I don't think so... But yes I do talk to my dog like she's a person

Why is this the type of questions I get asked😂😂😂

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What is the least stressful job you can think of?



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My school is doing Brigadoon next fall. I've listened to it on Spotify, but I have no idea what audition song to pick. I'm a Mezzo Soprano auditioning for any role. What do you suggest?

Lynsie Petersen

What about feed the birds from Mary Poppins, or sixteen going on seventeen reprise from sound of music

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I guess I'm kind of invisible, often people see my show, tell me how great I was, and then less than a week later have asked me if I was in the show or if I was crew... How do you learn to stand out and shine?

I often find myself feeling inferior so I can totally relate! You really just have to step out, and put yourself out there. Don't let fear hold you back. Be BIG. make it impossible for anyone to forget you!

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Favorite role you've ever played?

Young Amy in little women ❤️

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What is your least favorite show?

Probably spiderman.
(Why did that happen?)

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What is your favorite color?

(I'm secretly Elle Woods, don't tell!)

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I have my headshot shoot tomorrow and I'm trying to figure out what to wear. My only idea is a black velvet vneck top similar to what you wear in senior photos. Opinions/suggestions?

Wear a solid color shirt/dress in a color that compliments your eyes/skin tone. Add a jacket or a necklace to stand out. Nothing too extravagant!

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Are you better at belting or singing in head voice?

I can hold my own in both but I do a lot of chest/mix belt. That's where I like to sing anyway!

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What's the highest note you can sing?

Sometimes a high b flat but it's not very consistent. I'm not sure what the highest note in my comfort range is

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Do you know what Glinda and cosettes highest notes are?

Glinda's is somewhere around C6 I think, and cosette's is a high b flat

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What're some legit soprano musical theatre roles? I can sing pretty high in head voice but I have no belting ability

Christine in POTO
Galinda in Wicked
Cosette in Les Mis
Those are really the first three that come to mind! Even though I know there are more out there! Try googling it!

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When I try to sing in anything but head voice my voice sounds absolutely terrible. Even when it's not a high note. It's so weird, I only have vibrato when I sing in head voice. Is it bad technique? I breath from my diaphragm and stand up straight and do all those things. Any tips?

Try doing Warmups that bring your chest voice into your head voice, it's really hard to describe, but there are some excellent YouTube videos that show how it is done!

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Whats your vocal range???

Mezzo-soprano, sometimes soprano 1

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Tips for belting? I can sing high in head voice, but I'm absolutely terrible at belting. When I try to belt my voice sounds all raspy and weird?

Breathe from your diaphragm.
Stand with your legs shoulder width apart (power stance!)
"Aim" your voice at something that is eye level and visualize yourself throwing your voice at it.
Remember belting is still singing, not shouting.
Stop if it starts hurting.
there are also a lot of good YouTube videos out there with some amazing tips! If highly recommend checking them out! Best of luck!

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