Ask @tsunderica:

When faced with logical criticism of your acting work how do you tend to deal with it?

I just keep it in mind and/or take it with a grain of salt. Sometimes not all of what ends up in a finished is how I (or any other actor, for that matter) would have normally read something. You'll get pushed into certain reads if a director or client is looking for something specific. But despite that, I'm definitely not claiming to be perfect. I still take classes to improve and am learning new things all the time.

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Do you think an actual anime programming block (not counting Toonami since it's an action block, not an anime block) may work in America (i.e. using MNet America airing Love Live! as a basis of example)? Why or why not?

Dark Paladin X
Feel like it's been tried before and unfortunately hasn't met with much success. Even Toonami failed once. We're really lucky that it was able to catch enough steam to come back.

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Awesome performance as Ryuko Matoi and Aladdin! What's the longest recording session you've done currently for anime?

Sakyo Kuroyami
If you mean like longest session time for a single character in one day, Ryuko wins that with a 5 hour session. But Ryuko probably also wins for most amount of sessions for a character total, haha. Sessions are typically about 2-4 hours long per session though.

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