Ask @tubaazmat:

It's the birthday of iPhone! Have you ever owned one?

I so want to sell one of my friends on OLX so I can buy one but sorry they aren't that worth!

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How long was your longest phone call? And with whom you had it?

Tbvh I am that kind of a person who'd prefer text MSG's over phone calls so yeah Never had one !

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What's still a bigger mystery than bermuda triangle to you❔

دنیا کھیلتی رہی ہم سے طاش کے پتوں کی طرح
جو جیتا اس نے بھی پھینکا
جو ہارا اس نے بھی پھینکا

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Favourite lines?🌸

Malak Zunair Khokhar ۔
"Daddy's Princess" might be ironically used in our lives but trust me girls do get special treatment from them. A man proved to be 100 times more responsible, loyal and sincere when he becomes a father ! 🌸💕💕

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hey beautiful

عورت کو پھسایا نہیں بسایا جاتا ہے
خاندانی مردوں کے یہی اطوار ہوتے ہیں

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