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Are you completely sure though? Here in Nevada, 2 people who were arrested for throwing pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails at policemen were not associated with the protest, but were connected to terrorist/anarchist groups.

You see those people aren't apart of blm they are there for destruction which I don't support but most "riots" started peaceful

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+1 answer in: “So I get the whole Black Lives Matter movement and I support it entirely, but I don’t support the destruction of police stations, state capitals, historic monuments, or the looting that destroyed hundreds of small businesses.”

Less say I have a secret and I tell everyone on this planet, one by one and covertly. Everybody knows the secret but only I know that, the rest of the population think it's just me and them. Is it still a secret?

The original secret isn't a secret anymore but if you dont tell everyone that everyone knows then you still technically have a secret but it isnt the original secret so yes and no?

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