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are you a furry?

yes i am a fox so iI dont see any problem i embraced my animal soul long ago and i am happy together with my boyfriend who is a cute b/w wolf we have a fucking lot of friends in and outside of the fandom and i am pretty slim and good looking but thanks anyway asshole go and watch your stupid anime shit while i have SEX with my boyfriend
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are you a juggalo or do you listen to the stuff that degrades women as "bitches and hoes" and normally focuses around guns gangs and money.

V0L736’s Profile PhotoVolteg Katzat
guns gangs and money
i like nicki and iggy and shit too though
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any secret. what would you have trouble telling someone? your sexuality, your crush, are you emotional, what do you hate, that kinda stuff

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my sexuality isnt really a secret im heteroflexible
no real crush
i guess im emotional kinda
is that a secret
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You x A half empty jar of mayo x Twelve thousand Sonic OCs OT3 5LYFE

im dooming this fucking timeline

i seriously tripped down the stairs this aint no joke

i already asked if you need a hospital damn dude

sta ir s

no ok fuck this and fuck you that joke is so fucking old like i made it when i was13
fucking thirteen
thats like middle school shit
how would you feel if someone was asking you about shit from middle school
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Love your webcomic, how'd you come up with the ideas for it?

my friend inspired it with a shitty ass drawing
i mean shes blind but it was still shitty in the most incredible amazing way
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