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What's your reaction to the words "We need to talk.."?

"No we do not."

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What do you think is a normal amount of porn for a man to watch? I think my boyfriend has a problem.

There is no "normal" amount. If it's causing a problem in your relationship, or he prefers the adult videos to real-life adult time, it sounds like something you need to discuss. It may be uncomfortable but communication should help. We discuss some options, pros and cons on SE28

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Hi Guys. WIM-I know you just finished writing a book and hired an editor. How did you find your editor? I've finished a fiction novel and want to be sure I hire a good editor to review and provide useful edits and comments.

I had the 'hook-up' on a couple editors from the day job. We discuss on SE29 how to explore your network for opportunities and some other on-line options for finding reliable editors.

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Recruitment related question: A lot of companies use websites like Taleo for processing applications, I feel like they filter me out before my application gets seen by a human. What are your thoughts on those kind of services? I'm asking cause I know Alphabet doesn't use them.

Thanks for the question. We answered this (and, unfortunately, a couple other things you should be concerned about) on TGOS 091 -

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Has a woman you're dating ever asked to read your texts with another woman that she's suspicious of? If so, what's your reaction/response?

Yes. We had two different views on this topic (WIM doesn't care, Rich cares a little bit more). You can hear our reasons why in the Feedback and Follow-up section of SE14

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Have you ever cheated on a woman? Why? I recently found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me for the majority of time we've been together. We were talking marriage. I'm just trying to make sense of it all.

Yes. We responded to your question on this week's show. You can skip to it here . I also answered a similar question for SBM, which you can read here:

Hope these help.

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What personality type are you out of the 16 personalities?


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There was a discussion on twitter w SmoothOrator abt socializing at work. You guys seem to be cordial but not overly friendly. A young lady felt you need to be known, attend events, etc to climb the ladder. Do you think this differs by industry? Can u just do good work and go home and be successful?

It's industry specific. Yes, while we are cordial, I wouldn't consider us overly friendly. Yet, we both manage to hold down jobs and have worked our way up the chain. If you're going to choose, most industries will reward you more for doing good work over doing bad work while being well-known. Put another way, we'd rather work with the person with 100 followers that can get us a $100,000 job over the person with 100,000 followers that can get us 100 RTs

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Just got my first credit card after hearing yall ep on it my question is I can pay in full every month on it should I not I heard different things on it


Always pay in full. Always. Like, ALWAYS. If you want more on why you should ALWAYS PAY OFF YOUR CREDIT CARDS IN FULL, check out the mistakes we made with our own credit cards:

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I'm currently seeking a job in a completely different field than I'm in now and I have some reservations about updating my LinkedIn profile to show my qualifications for the job I'm pursuing due to having current supervisors as connections. Should I update it anyway, or stick the resume route?

Update it. Most people don't actively monitor LinkedIn that closely. Also, you can turn off your send update settings in LinkedIn. It's pretty straight forward (right-hand column of LinkedIn) Move the "Notify your network?" option to "No".

We also cover this in a bit more detail on SE10. Jump to the relevant discussion on Soundcloud here

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WIM, how did you get into supervising/management? Was it something you actively pursued or was it just part of the natural progression of your position? - Mr. SD

I passed on my first supervising/management opportunity. I applied the second time an open position came available (they didn't fill this position due to budget). The third time, I had been proactively participating in a mentor/development program and actively pursued the position. I'm a couple years in. Like all things, there are pros/cons but for me, more pros than cons.

We also answered your question on SE10. You can jump to it on Soundcloud here:

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Random question: Do your parents know how much money you make?

WIM: Yes. Rich: Sorta. She knows about how much.

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I know Rich is going to cover his experience at the podcast conference on tomorrow's side ep. Question regarding the TGOS process: what kind of planning/prep goes into each show? Do you collaborate before hand? Or just come with things for the standard topic areas of the show?


#WellActually, there won't be a Side Episode this week, BUT thanks for the question. (We'll be back on our normal schedule next week). To answer your question: we usually develop a Template before the show through Google docs. We talk throughout the week via text or email, and the day of the recording we do a final review to make sure we're on the "same page" and the show won't take 4 hours to record. We usually cover time-sensitive topics first and we may hold the less time-sensitive topics from week to week. Lastly, we review the account, emails, and any related comments on the site for Feedback/Follow-up/Updates we want to share with the listeners.

In summary, for a 1 hour show to make it to the people we usually record/prep for about 2 hours and edit for about 2 hours or more. We sacrifice our Sundays so you can enjoy your Tuesdays/Thursdays.

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I'm a 26/BM & college grad. Somehow I became boring/uninteresting to my friends and this happened during the time i spent developing my career. Now I work for a well known company (Google level lol) and I make good $ for my age. Apparently this is also affecting my dating life as well. Any advice?

Short answer: You need new people. Longer answer on Side Episode 9.

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I'm always ending up in the friendzone, how do I avoid this? I meet women, their description of a perfect man doesn't seem too far from who my parents raised me to be, I know I'm not perfect but it's confusing AF to keep hearing their are no good men left and you're standing right there.

We discussed this on Side Episode #9.

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In salary negotiations (after you have an offer), is it always necessary to disclose what you're making at your current job? Do they ever offer just based on what you're worth w/o knowing what you currently make? Is there any reason I shouldn't give them a number that's $5k over what I really make?

We answered this on the Side Episode that dropped today (7/23). Short answer is no it's not always necessary to share your current compensation. And yes companies do make offers with limited info. Usually leads to more negotiation, which is fine. As for last part of question, we talk a bit about that on show.

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I really like the show, and I was impressed by the audio quality. What kind of equipment do you guys use?

Here's a link covering everything:

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The name of your show is Two Guys One Show. But you introduce your 2nd episode of the week as Two Guys Different Show. So now you're Two Guys Two Shows? Why make it so complicated? Why not just say "here is another episode of Two Guys One Show?"

Because it's a different show...

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Looking for a new job. When asked, "Why do you want to leave your current job," is it wrong to tell them that it is b/c the current job does frequent layoffs and it is an unstable environment? That's the truth (plus I want more money) but I'm scared it'll come off as "I'm scared I'll be fired soon."

Perfectly fine to mention there have been a lot of layoffs and the environment is unstable. Pretty common and understandable. -R

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Why do people get maturity confused with social programming? Wanting to be married when you've been taught to want to be married by people around you doesn't make you mature, it makes you a parrot when you repeat it but have honestly not prepared for it.

Agreed but I think it's hard for people to escape "social programming" or the peer pressure of seeing their peers take steps in life that they might not be taking as quickly or at all. We discussed this a bit more on the Side Episode

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So I'm about to move in w/ the lady, and was just wondering. Any tips or advice when you decide to take that next step and move in together?

Yes, lots. But the way our relationships are set-up... we had to answer your question on the Side Episode podcast

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Everyone matures differently, women usually faster than men. Yet trauma & circumstances mature people too. Based on your experiences & your friends, is there an age that if a guy is not showing signs of maturity (accountable, stable, self-actualization, reliable, empathy) a woman should ditch him?

Nope. Men, like women (we assume), mature on a wide-ranging scale. It's less age-specific than man-specific. But, it might help if you determine for yourself how much you're willing to put up with or not put up with from any given man rather than worrying about the age of that men, since it's not the only or even best indicator for his relative maturity. Around the 28min mark of 'The Bonus Episode' we explain why

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Have you ever had your mom try to hook you up with women your age that she knew, only to realize moms have awful standards in women? my mom did the same thing, but the toss up of the biggest problem was between them being a tyler perry character or looking like ol girl from precious

Moms have notoriously awful taste in women so you're not alone. Maybe it's because women have notoriously awful taste in women period? Given the choice, they'll either ignore your request or try to hook you up with Humble Harriet rather than Sexy Sheila. Why? IDK. That's a case for Unsolved Mysteries. Moral of the story is when it comes to the dating game: if you want it done right you have to do it yourself.

We also gave a response to your question on a recent show

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do you have a momma? whats your relationship with her like?

Yes. Great. Thanks for asking.

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Reached a point in my role where I believe my position should be elevated, including a reorganization, which would make my dept. totally independent of others. I am in internal audit in a less than ideal structure. How do I effectively frame this conversation with the CEO. Have you had to do this?

Need more info. How big is the company, your team, etc.? Are you formally managing people or are you an independent contributor? How long have you been in this role? What does less than ideal structure mean? (Will be helpful to know before advising you go tell the CEO what he needs to do with her/his company. -R

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