Hi WIM, how are you? Can you compare Texas and Colorado and tell me which one is better for a young professional in the business/marketing industry?

Yes. Answer: It depends. I have a background/degree in business but I have worked in auditing for about a decade. As it relates to business and professional life, Texas wasn't bad but my Colorado experience has been great. There is one exception, which has less to do with Colorado versus Texas than long distance versus short distance relationships of the personal, professional and social variety.
With the clarity of hindsight, Rich and I both opine on what it's like to relocate across the country for work and the impact it has on your professional and social networks as well as some other factors you may want to consider before making a permanent move at around 57:30 of TGOS 067 http://www.twoguysoneshow.com/2015/05/05/067-f-buckets/