Ask @twoguysoneshow:

I know Rich is going to cover his experience at the podcast conference on tomorrow's side ep. Question regarding the TGOS process: what kind of planning/prep goes into each show? Do you collaborate before hand? Or just come with things for the standard topic areas of the show?

#WellActually, there won't be a Side Episode this week, BUT thanks for the question. (We'll be back on our normal schedule next week). To answer your question: we usually develop a Template before the show through Google docs. We talk throughout the week via text or email, and the day of the recording we do a final review to make sure we're on the "same page" and the show won't take 4 hours to record. We usually cover time-sensitive topics first and we may hold the less time-sensitive topics from week to week. Lastly, we review the account, emails, and any related comments on the site for Feedback/Follow-up/Updates we want to share with the listeners.
In summary, for a 1 hour show to make it to the people we usually record/prep for about 2 hours and edit for about 2 hours or more. We sacrifice our Sundays so you can enjoy your Tuesdays/Thursdays.

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