Ask @tylerhikaru:

I'm not gay but I think my bestfriend is? He said that I'm gentle and that everything I do is adorable and a few days ago in the hall he suddenly kissed me. I didn't want it so I tried to push him away but he wouldn't stop ..and I started crying and I just .. Idkwtd anymore. Why was he so forceful?

That sounds like rape. HAHAHAHA.
Joke's aside, if you're really uncomfortable with him doing that... Perhaps you may want to sit down and have a proper talk with him and let him know your concerns and worries. Maybe he's just doing all that for fun to tease you. And in this age and era, it's pretty common for guys to compliment each other regardless of sexual preferences. Don't think too much into it and let it affect your friendship with him, aye? :)!

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