Ask @tynamite:

Is there anyone who you jealous of?

Two people who are more intelligent than me.
There's a girl who was in my class in school and she was my undying love, my soulmate. Perfect appearance, perfect personality. The chemistry was so high that I came into class with a filofax (ring binder) from Poundland, and as soon as I opened up the hinges, it bent so the left side was more up and the right side was more down. That's not what the joke is. The joke is that men and her spent 30 MINUTES trying to close it repeately taking turns, and laughing and exchanging flirting words. We were in hysterics and the whole class was laughing. Not only that, she's VERY intelligent, more intelligent than me. She always looked at and got on my wick by telling the whole class or table EXACTLY what I was thinking. She always knew what I was thinking. I passed the course with two distinctions and merit, she passed it with three distinctions. Below merit is a pass.
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Also my brother. He has a blog too.
So that's about it really. Just those two people.

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What is your opinion on weed?

I think all drugs should be legal even though I've never taken drugs and don't intend to. You might say I'm pro drugs, but I say I'm not pro drug or anti drug, more for you to make your own informed decisions of what drugs you want to take. I won't tell you what to do.
Weed is a stimulant, depressant and psychadelic at the same time, it covers all the drug types. Seeing as I've never taken it and I've never seen anyone get high or pranged off it, I don't really have an opinion on it.

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