Ask @tynamite:

What is a fun fact that you would like to share for no apparent reason what so ever?

Taken from my diary written in 2015
If you're technically not touching anything due to the spaces between atoms, how the fuck do you manage to feel it on your hand as if those gaps don't exist? That makes no sense!
A million seconds is 11 days and a billion seconds is 33 years.
There's more drops of water in the ocean than there are stars in the entire universe.
If you put both your arms out wide to the side as far as they can go, that's the gap between the electrons moving around the nucleus and the nucleus, scale wise if you scale it down.
In the olden days face creams had radiation in them to make the skin glow, and toy stores sold radiation play sets to kids.
In the Victorian times, people accused of crimes were suspended in the sea or had buckets of boiling water thrown at them, and if the person drowned or got a scar/burn then God thought they were guilty but if they survived they were innocent.
The US government played the Barney I love you song 24/7 in Afghanistan and Iran to torture muslims, along with slutty songs about having lots of sex.
According to quantum physics, a particle has no position until it's observed with light or your eyes. This raises the interesting philosophy question about whether anything actually exists until it is observed. Scientists have different “interpretations of quantum mechanics”.
The US government doesn't print its own money. The Federal Reserve which is not federal at all borrows money to the government and the government pays it back with interest. Crazy I know! I forgot the method of which the government pays it back considering that they can't produce their own money, but they do. That's why Ron Paul wants to shut it down. John F Kennedy was assassinated for wanting to shut it down and we haven't had a real president since. There's more reasons why it's bad.
All money in the world is based on debt and not labour or value (like gold coins) and banks print money out of thin air when they borrow you money and when you pay it back that money gets deleted from existence like it never existed while they keep the interest. Countries printing money and borrowing money to each other kinda works in the same byzantine way. This system is called the “frational reserve system” and it's insane, counter-intuitive and genius so it's just byzantine. There's more to it than that but those are the basics.

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