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What exactly do you want these days?

I spend every day working on personal development and social development!!!! That's all you need to know.
I work on my company Hostingz Accent EVERY day and I do socialising afk and online EVERY day. I write nearly every day.
As a young child I would do television, gaming, then at 15 I switched to reading and because I've gone through mad matrix situations in the past 3 months I've decided to block all news websites and go back to television, YouTube and gaming.

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are you ready to 2019?

Every New Year's Eve I think about how shit the year was and how wasted it was
My life has never gone the way I want it to go and 90% of the things I've done have been pointless, so I don't see how me taking drugs or counselling will make any difference
My life is a simple case of one step forward, two steps back
I'm a nihilist. Life has no meaning.

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Is physics, math, science, the best language to problem solving? Or is there another better approach that we are missing?

Value is created by demand
What creates value? What makes something valuable?
The first response is "something being good".
But what is good? I can identify three main ways a tangible thing can be "good".
It providing a utility for someone (food, clothes, smartphones)
It having an aesthetic or refined quality to it (art, music, books)
It has intrinsic value that cannot be replicated (the Apple brand, a woman's virginity, the royal family)
A common mistake sprouted by feminists and tiger parents, is that a child having a STEM degree and working in a STEM job or a doctor or lawyer, that it is the only way a person can contribute to society.
There is more to life than merely handling logic. You can read lyrics, but can you hear the music?
I am a writer. If I was to describe what I do, I write urban life novels, make electronic albums and make podcasts. Everything else is secondary. For years people told me to get a blog and I never did as I only wanted to write original articles, not rehash other people's thoughts. I made my first blog my social commentary blog at 24 because that's when my original Longform thoughts started to arise.
I have a passion for sociology or functionalism. (how people behave in groups). I would have studied sociology or social studies at university but I didn't want to be bored writing essays for 3 years so I chose computing as it was more varied and fun. Also I have a passion for adverts and surveys so I made a "get paid to" website when I was 16 called Your Price. To be honest it is the ONLY startup I wanted to run, as it combines sociology with technology. I only made Compesh, Fresherplay and Dripbite because I didn't like what Quora and Pinterest was doing censoring people and no real music discovery websites exist they all shut down.
I am a pessimist. I won't write positive articles to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. That's what buzzfeed, huffington post and upworthy is for. The Tynamite perspective is "here's how fucked up the world is, this is why it's happening, don't subscribe to demonic forces". You can't share that perspective and meaning with logic or STEM.
A song can change a life. An article can change a life. A conversation can change a life. Even the looked down upon service industry changes lives.
STEM is not the only solutions to people's problems.

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Things happen, people change, situations get messy, friendships dull down ,relationships fail ... its called life, no one has it on you personally or is creating these challenging events on purpose! So how to overcome from your odds 🤞🏻

I've never had counselling and never will. I want to improve my stature and footing in life.
I understand keyboard, mouse, pen, paper, microphone and piano. So that's what I will use to move higher up the matrix.

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