Ask @tynamite:

Hows your plans for the weekend?

Adam Darlington
Well on Saturday I will meet in a coffee shop people from the poly, ahem, anxiety community and on Sunday I will get my new laptop charger so I can finally work more on my websites.
Now that my 2 years of health issues are gone, I should be able to get all my active websites finished being coded in December and I'll be writing more answers on Compesh so people will be able to more see how my brain works.
Also once done, I will try to persuade Jungle to join Compesh and post answers on it, but he's a mysterious voodoo magic guy, his company has no internet presence and he doesn't post comments or post on forums like I do. He's a writer like me. His novel might get published on my book publishing company if he can't find anyone else to publish it.

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What's your kinda trend?

I don't watch face so I don't have a trend.
I don't watch what this or that music producer is doing, what this that writer is doing, what this that web developer/designer is doing, what this that podcaster is doing. I do not look at what my competitors are doing and copy that.
What I can say is that there are different design patterns you can use to design a website. Supermarkets and Amazon uses the Gruen Transfer. They design their website and interior to make you lost so you spend more money. That's why a product page on Amazon has a long scroll bar and why supermarkets move their products around every 6 months.
Medium and Vsco aims for minimalism. I don't like minimalism design.
When I design websites, I aim to make it look like a rainforest or a museum, so you explore around. Compesh has a weird design with minimal labelling, as it's based on the video games Portal and Master of the elements (one of my favourite games). You're thrown in a random location with no instructions and you have to click and explore around to find out what means what. Also I know that people don't read websites left to right like a book, their eyes dart across the screen in a zig zag fashion. That's why I try to have as little information on my web pages as possible, as users don't read websites properly. Also I try to avoid heavy use of whitespace.

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why do nice people choose the wrong people to date?

Firstly, women do not know what they want. They always say they want a particular type of man, then they go for someone completely opposite. Don't watch what women say, watch what women do.
Secondly, low self esteem. Lots of people have been abused their whole life, bullying, loneliness, child abuse, domestic abuse, whatever, so they have low self esteem because self esteem comes from how people treat you. Now what happens, is that because they have low self esteem, they settle, lower their standards, settling, going for people of a lower stature than they would normally do, because they do not feel they can get anyone better.
Lastly, there are people who are socially intelligent (like me) who can have a relationship and do psychological abuse making their partner self harm. If I wanted to, I could make a girlfriend self harm. I know how to do it. You just manipulate them into thinking that they can't get anyone better.

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