Ask @ugh_t:

teen suicide and why teens shouldn't be depressed.

Well teen suicide is bad and no one should do it. I am here for anyone who is thinking about that. Now being depressed is a thing that happens to a lot of people. It can't always be stopped. But it's how you deal with it that matters. If you do nothing about it then you will always be depressed. You need to find what can make you feel happier and try to not be depressed. Now I know how hard that may be but it's possible. Sometimes you may wanna be alone to try and get over it. But sometimes you need people to help you out. You just find the people you trust with this and let them help you try and get happier again. Depression can lead to suicide and that's not good. If you are depressed try your hardest to not do that no matter what. No matter what happens just think positive. Even when you don't see anything positive. Remember this. "It always rains before a rainbow" meaning that depression is the rain coming down on you messing things up. It wants you to give in and just do it. But you gotta stay strong. You gotta stay and wait or else you won't see that rainbow. Sometimes it will rain for a long time and it May seem like forever. But I promise you if you keep going you will find the rainbow. Just don't give up guys ok? I love you all and don't want anyone to give in to that rain. Sorry this is so long

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